Monday, June 19, 2006

Getting Wet With Brittany Andrews - Video Clip

Cool - cold water blast
Cool - cold water blast

With the hot weather coming, we are all searching for a way to cold down after a long hot day.

No time to go to the beach or a water park?

Well, don't worry.

With a little ingenuity and the help of a very inventive movie star Brittany Andrews, we can all afford a cool wet water adventure after a hard days work.

Household Inventor Brittany Andrews
Household Inventor Brittany Andrews

Master inventor Brittany Andrews can turn your ordinary bathroom into a thrilling cold-water adventure.

Just follow her simple video instructions, and you will be on your way to a cool refreshing time.

It really quite simple.

Just remove the tank top from your toilet.

Cooling - refreshing stream of water
Cooling - refreshing stream of water

Gently reach in and find the hose that refills the tank after flushing.

Now with your thumb and index finger, place the hose at the top center of the tank facing out.

Now just replace the toilet top tank.

Now just bend down towards the toilet tank top.

Household Tips From Adult Film Stars - video powered by Metacafe
Play Brittany Andrews Household hints video tape.

No need to travel hours to a water park and than have to wait on line for an hour or two to enjoy a water ride.

Thanks to Brittany Andrws invention, you can enjoy the quick release of a cold stream of water, simply by releasing the toilet tank handle.

AH, AH, what a great way to cold off after a hot sultry day.

And, thanks to Brittany Andrews invention, you can enjoy the cooling streams of water after any hot day.

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