Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Beautiful Asian Girl Faces the Tickle Masters

Sexy Pool Player with Cue in Hand.
Sexy Pool Player with Pool Cue in Hand.

What happens when a beautiful Asian girl falls asleep on the pool table?

In this case, she must endure a round or two of tickling.

Not your ordinary brand of tickling, indeed.

Two Tickling Hands
Two Tickling Hands

This is a special technique reserved for those who fall asleep on the pool table.

Using special mechanical hands, she is first tormented by one set of probing mechanical hands and then another.

A Third Tickling Hands
A Third Tickling Hand

Than a third mechanical hand is added.

More and more tickling is applied until our beautiful female pool player cannot stop laughing.

With all this special attention and laughter, our beautiful female pool player seems to be really enjoying the experience.

Just watch this funny video clip and see for yourself.

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