Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sexy Babes in Wet Boots and High Heel Shoes

Girls in sexy high heel stiletto shoes or boots were among the most popular type of video clips viewed last year.

Among the popular themes were bikini clad babes getting their cars stuck in the mud and having to get their cars out of the mud.

Well, the only way to get their car out of the mud was to get out and push their car out of the mud in their high heel stiletto heels.

Some of the babes received a mud bath when their car became stuck in the mud and they had to get out and push their car out of the mud.

Of course, a snowy road can also prove to be a road block.

If your car becomes stuck in the snow, well you have to get out and push.

So watch as these sexy babes in their short mini skirts and knee high cowboy boots push their car out of snow drifts or mud slides.

Mud and Thigh High Red Boots

What is the best way to break in a new pair of thigh high red boots?

Well, this very sexy Asian babe likes to take her new thigh high red boots for a workout in the mud.

Dress in her new vivid red thigh high stiletto heel boots, ultra tight low rider cut jeans and jean jacket, this sexy Asia delights in taking a roll in the mud.

Red Shoes Under a Water Fall

If you don't like a mud bath for breaking in a new pair of shoes, how about a water fall?

This sexy young lady in red enjoys being drench by the cold water of a water fall.

Fully dressed in a sexy red dress, thigh high stockings and very red high heel stiletto shoes, she enjoys the refreshing bath a water fall can provide.

So, if you like to keep your cloths clean or just love a wet look, be sure to view this video clip.

Sexy Reality Show Star Gets Drenched

Of course, some girls enjoy a challenge, especially if they are in a reality television show, like Big Brother.

For contestant Danielle Lloyd getting wet is just part of the challenge.

Contestant Danielle manages to drive forward as she encounters rivers of champagne and sloppy, wet man made mountains.

For a celebrity, getting wet fully dressed is just part of the everyday live of a reality television star.

An speaking about television shows, check out this hot sexy video clips showing women contestants on European games show being drenched.

Well, the wet look seems to be in.

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