Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Skirts Up plus Knickers Out equals a Funny Video Clip

Up skirt poka-dot panties
Lady - Your Skirt is . . .

How do you tell a woman that she forgot to adjust her skirt - or do you tell her at all?

Well, its seems that a lot of people noticed this woman with her red with white polka dots panty clearly showing below her skirt.

Hum, maybe she is just too busy talking on the cell phone to notice.

Upskirt sexy knickers
Some Men take command . . .

Or maybe she is trying to create a new fashion statement.

Anyway, she is certainly drawing a lot of attention.

Its seems everyone wants to help her adjust her skirt.

upskirt exposed thong panties
I wonder if she feels a draft???

But, it looks like she is just too busy to care.

Well, we are not going to leave you hanging - so just click on the video clip and find out what happens in this funny, video clip.

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