Monday, November 20, 2006

Removing Ultra Tight Jeans

Girl Friends Examine the Ultra Tight Jeans
Girl Friends Examine the Ultra Tight Jeans

How many girls does it take to remove an ultra tight pair of jeans?

Well, One. No, two, Well, maybe three are required.

These jeans are on really, really tight. First one girl friends examines the situation, and then a second offers to help out.

Up and Down the Booty Goes!!!
Up and Down the Booty Goes!!!

Each of the two girl friends each tug at a leg of the jeans, as our heroine is still stuck in the ultra tight fitting jeans.

She exhales and pulls in her stomach in as much as she can. Tightening her stomach muscles, as her two girl friends pull at the jeans legs.

Finally some black thongs straps appear
Finally some black thongs straps appears

Our heroine goes flying across the room, but the jeans only budge slightly.

Repositioning herself for a second try, she holds on for dear life as the two girl friends pulls on each pant leg.

Up she goes, back she goes - bouncing booty every were - still the jeans are not budging.

Jeans Removal 101 - video powered by Metacafe

Finally, with a few more tugs - black thongs straps appear and finally there is an end to her ordeal.


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