Friday, September 15, 2006

Stunning Female Streaker - Scores Goal in Buff.

Blonde Streaker Kicks Goal.
Blonde Streaker Kicks Goal.

Not only does this beautiful streaker dash across the field, but she also manages to score a goal at the same time.

This is really an incredible bit of athletic ability, especially since she is not even wearing shoes.

Simply amazing.

High Angle View of the Kick
High Angle View of the Kick

I remember some past streaking females such as "busty" Erica Roe who gained fame by running on the Twickenham field during an England-Australia ruby match many years ago, after consuming a few beers . . .

Naomi McDonale, a serial streaker, who pulled off runs at both International cricket matches and Wimbledon.

Lynsey Dawn Mckenzi who sprint into streaking history during an England vs West Indies cricket match in 1995. She's one of the few streakers to go on to make a living as a professional model.

But, this blonde, streaking goal maker is simply amazing.

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