Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cleavage Milk Shake

First Down - the Cold Milk
First Down - the Cold Milk

What will girls do for some money and a bit of television exposure?

Well, there is one show that offers girls on the street money to have honey, slime, pudding, chocolate, milk, honey, jelly, ice cream poured down their cleavage.

Next Down - the Ice Cream
Next Down - the Ice Cream

And, they find a lot of girls willing and eager to participate.

In this case, the show hostess is making an ice cream milk shake using the volunteer cleavage to mix the ingredients.

Just Add a Straw and Drink
Just Add a Straw and Drink

First ingredient is the milk, but not any milk - this is very cold, cold milk.

Next up, an amply supply of ice cream, about a half of a gallon should do nicely.

Just mix the ingredients between the contestant cleavage and viola you have a cleavage milk shake.

Just add a straw and enjoy this delicious drink.

If you cannot see the above video clip in your feed reader or e-mail, go to milk shake babe.

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