Friday, March 14, 2008

Water Balloon Pops Over Sexy Babe Cleavage

Water Balloon Breaks in Slow Motion
Water Balloon Breaks in Slow Motion

Have you even wondered what it would be like if a water filled balloon burst upon a beautiful babe cleavage?

Now, imagine how this may look in slow motion.

Wet Cleavage Shot
Wet Cleavage Shot

Imagine a beautiful babe in a really, low cut tight sweater, wearing a really tight push up bra to really show off her cleavage.

A large, pink balloon filled to capacity with cold, clear water.

A countdown to the moment the balloon burst.

Then, in slow motion, we see the water escaping in a giant ball.

Coating this babe's ample cleavage and pink sweater with water.

What may only take a few moments in real life can take an eternity in slow motion.

Girls With the Longest Hair

These young girls do not have to worry about hair loss.

In fact, these young girls have some of the longest hair in the world.

These women come from all over the country to compete in Lithuania's "Miss Longest Hair" competition.

If you cannot see the above video clip in your feed reader or e-mail, go to Water Balloon Babe.

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