Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sexy Babes in Wet Boots and High Heel Shoes - The Sequel

High Kicking Ballerinas in black high heel stiletto boots

High Kicking Ballerinas Trade
White Ballet Slippers for High Heel Stiletto Boots

From sexy ballerina in ultra high stiletto boots to babes in boots in the pool, we have put together some more sexy babes in wet boots and high heel shoes video clips.

The response to our first collection of sexy babes in high heel stiletto shoes or boots was so great, we decided to go back in time an find some more video clip that you really enjoyed.

One of our viewers' favorite video clips involved a troupe of high kicking ballerinas who traded in their white ballet slippers for a pair of black high heel stiletto boots - Ballerinas in High Heel Stiletto Boots.

Girl sitting in water fountain in black high heel boots

Hot Babe in the Fountain

Yes, you viewers just love to watch the routine as these sexy ballerina in skimpy tops, thong bikini bottoms and those sexy black high heel stiletto boots turn a dance routine into a hot, sexy modern dance performance.

We know that may of our viewers love the wet look - sexy babes full dress from head to toe relaxing in the ocean, pool, fountain or in the bath tub.

We really loved the hot babe in very pointed high heel stiletto knee high black boots, black stockings, black mini skirt and very colorful red, white and black sweater, enjoying some wet time in a fountain.

Leaning Backward She Manages to Remain Standing

Leaning Backward
She Manages to Remain Standing

Or who could forget the bride and bride maids as cavorted in a watery fountain in their wedding gowns.

All these scenes were included in the Girls Gone Wet video clip.

The video clip - Beautiful Female Fitness Model vs. a High Pressure Fire Hose was a favorite of many of our viewers.

Who could forget as our sexy blonde fitness model braces herself against the blast of the high pressure fire hose?

Model Danielle on Ice Sculpture

Model Danielle on Ice Sculpture

She actually leans back against the stream of water from the high pressure firehouse before being catapulted down the sloppy wet ground.

And, who could forget the peril of the high fashion model and those ultra high heel shoes.

Well, on America's Next Top Model, model Danielle managed to get down the runway in a pair of ultra high heels shoes, but the trip back proved to be her undoing.

Watch as she bobbles back up the runway, before falling to the floor and crawling off the runway.

Just watch the expressions on the judges faces - they are priceless.

See the video clip and story in High Heel Stiletto Shoes Topple Top Model.

And, for your viewing pleasure, our highest viewed boot clip - She's Smokin' in Her Boots

If you cannot see the above video clip in your feed reader or e-mail, go to Sexy Boots at the Mall.

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