Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Up Skirts with an Electric Fan

Levitating a skirt with an electric fan
Levitating a skirt with an electric fan

A little technology can levitate a woman skirt well above her waist.

Well, in this case the clown is using an electric fan to levitate the unsuspecting women skirts above their waist and beyond.

Ever since Marilyn Monroe skirt got blown above her waist in a famous scene from the movie The Seven Year Itch (1955), men and woman have had a fascination with floating skirts.

From fun park amusement rides with under the walkway burst of air to hidden camera type television shows, the theme of levitating skirts have been played out - time and time again.

This funny movie clip is a series of different types of up skirt events.

Unsuspecting girl's mini skirt begins to raise
Unsuspecting girl's mini skirt begins to raise

The first series starts out with a clown using an electric fan to levitate the mini skirts of unsuspecting passing girls.

Next, we see a woman cleaning, with part of the back of her skirt missing revealing her thong panties. Just watch the expressions on the men's faces as she works her way around the room.

The third series involves a violinist whose skirt keeps falling down while she is performing at an outside restaurant.

Up and Up it goes . . .
Up and Up it goes . . .

Although she seems totally oblivious to the dropped skirt, the men in the audience rush to help her with her skirt.

And, finally we observe how woman deal with a blast of air, as they enter a store.

Lots of upskirt shots, as the jet of air from under the walkway propels the woman dress skyward.

And, it's interesting to observe that many of the women keep coming back for more, after the first shot of air.

Well, maybe it's a cool burst of air on a hot day, or just a great feeling in this very funny upskirt video clip.


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